Let’s just all take a moment to look what some of the Worlds most popular websites looked when they launched…

It’s hard to think that these three, very popular websites once had these designs and layouts. Nowadays these websites are slick, user friendly, responsive and current. Of course, these corporations have more money to throw at these projects than most governments have in their budgets for defense, but that’s irrelevant, isn’t it?

Why should your everyday business be stuck in the noughties with a design akin to the three above? Your business needs to have a website that fits your dynamic business and keeps you ahead of the competition. Not only does your website need to have top notch design, but to rank higher in search engine results, it NEEDS to be mobile friendly, and these days nothing other than a responsive design will suffice with the plethora of devices available in all their shapes and sizes.

The main questions are, how much business are you missing out on due to:

  • Poor search engine visibility?
  • A poorly design website?
  • A website that is not mobile friendly?

The cost of a new website is probably not what you may think it is. Contact us today to find out more.