By approving and signing off the design of your website you are instructing us to place your product(s) or services live on the Internet.

Once your website is live, unless agreed otherwise, you are liable for a one year initial and on-going domain registration, and website hosting fee (or similar charge applicable to your chosen website package). This amount is clearly shown on your domain & hosting invoice. As it is in the case of our Support Packages your payments can be spread via an ongoing monthly Direct Debit using our online payment partner Go Cardless. However please note that you are liable for the full amount for the 12-month period from the date of the invoice at any given time. Your domain & hosting fee is an ongoing charge that is renewed annually. Domain & hosting fees are subject to annual increase.

This contract is recurring until we are notified in writing by you giving three months’ notice of your intent to cancel. Failure to pay for the design and/or your initial and on-going domain registration, and website hosting fee (or a similar applicable charge) in full or via a Direct Debit, will lead to your website being removed from the Internet and replaced with a temporary holding page. Any email accounts/address connected to the domain will also cease to work. You will also be liable for a £55.00 reconnection charge. This charge cannot be refunded and you must pay it in full along with the amount showing on your invoice prior to your website being reconnected. Failure to pay this disconnection charge and any other monies due to JH Web Design & Development will result in legal action, and your website could well be replaced with a holding.

After we have been paid in full your site will be reconnected but any future payments must be paid in full not by Direct Debit. You will be invoiced at the renewal date and payment to JH Web Design & Development will be expected to be paid immediately you will not be given credit terms.

The advertising and marketing of your website is your responsibility. JH Web Design & Development cannot be held responsible for the low ranking of any website created by us within search engines such as Google. Low website visitor numbers or inactivity on your website is out of our control and is not accepted as a reason for non-payment. We cannot guarantee any increased sales or enquiries because of our web services.

JH Web Design & Development cannot be held responsible for any loss of email, or any misconfiguration of email settings in 3rd party email client software or device such as Outlook, MacMail, Mobile phones or Tablets.

Should you have any questions regarding our Terms and Conditions please email or speak to us between 08:00 and 18:00, Monday – Friday.